cut-ups helps creative writers find inspiration through the well-known analog method, the cut-up technique. Used by writers and artists for centuries, the cut-up technique involves physically cutting up or rearranging text from oneself or other sources to create new material.

Now in a faster, digital format, the cut-ups app allows users to swipe and tap through random text fragments, creating endless possibilities of writing prompts and ideas.

  • Think outside the box and boost your creativity by cutting up your text to create something brand new.
  • Import your own texts and writing directly into the app or import text from news articles, websites, or uploaded files.
  • Take inspiration from the physical world around you. Scan text from handwritten writings, books, newspapers, magazines, and more with your camera.
  • Organize your texts into collections and efficiently keep track of all your work.

Random Notes Generator

An app that generates random notes during your practice sessions.

  • Note Generation

    Generates as many random notes for you as you like and plays them on your phone’s speaker.

  • Tap to continue

    Tap the screen to generate the next note or set a timer to automatically switch to the next.

  • Endless use cases

    Use the generated notes to memorize where each of them is located on your instrument. Or to learn a particular scale in all keys. Use this tool during your practice session just as you need it.

  • Narrow your focus

    Focus on the natural notes at first. Once you feel safe, change the setting and work on flats and sharps as well.

  • Algorithm

    The algorithm behind the app makes sure not to give you a particular note more often than any other. Using this tool let’s you practice each note with the same attention.

  • Apple Watch

    Comes with an Apple Watch extension so that you can generate notes with a tap on your wrist.

Triad Quiz

Want to learn which notes make up all the different chords?
This app will help you, like a quiz or digital flashcards!

  • The app prompts you with a chord, C major for example.
  • You’ll tap the notes of the chord with the buttons at the bottom, C – E – G.
  • The app evaluates your input and tells you if your answer was right or wrong.
  • And then: Have fun with the next prompt!
  • You’ll focus on learning the major chords first. Later you’ll configure the settings to practice minor, diminished, and augmented chords as well.

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